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Handmade Jewels by Taylor Shaye Designs.

Taylor Shaye Designs is a popular fashion jewelry line that offers beautiful pieces that make a statement.

If you're looking for something unique and handmade, Taylor Shaye jewelry is worth having on your radar.

Taylor Shaye Designs have a large selection of accessories which include beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Their sleek, chic, and fun collection are both affordable and stunning.

At their online store, you will find all the must-have statement pieces to match your party dress for any special occasion.

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs - FaceBook]

Taylor Shaye Designs has gained a lot of attention on social media.

Their playful pieces will make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and they will add the extra oomph your look needs.

With so many gorgeous statement pieces available, you're bound to find at least one design you'll absolutely love.

So who is Taylor Shaye Designs?

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

Owner and designer Taylor Jumonville Harp started designing accessories after not being able to find the right jewelry for each of her outfits. Tayler then decided to fix the problem herself and put together the perfect creation for each outfit.

Taylor's business was established in 2015 and ever since, year after year, they have reached more and more customers that have helped grow and spread the word about their AMAZING Jewelry across the U.S.

Today, Taylor Shaye Designs ships directly to customers all over the United States.

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

Spice up your jewelry collection with Taylor Shaye Designs.

You’re bound to find some unique pieces that will earn you tons of compliments.

Check out some of their gorgeous accessories down below!

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs - @aleigh.johnson]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

[Photo by Taylor Shaye Designs]

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