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HankandHenry and CandyLover's IG LIVE

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Hank and Henry went LIVE on IG on 05/04/20 and CandyLover was his guest. We must say that this LIVE was disturbing to watch ... The LIVE on IG started with CandyLover aka Angelica promoting her newest song "Se Resuelve Bailando" - by El Fara & Candy Lover. Her album will be dropping on June 17 and it will feature 10 songs. During the LIVE chat, Hank and Henry asked CandyLover what will she be doing on June 17th, as she drops her new album and CandyLover said that she may be doing a clothing haul since her album drops on a Wednesday and clothing hauls is part of her Wednesday routine. She also mentioned she may be doing a LIVE concert.

There were a few times where CandyLover looked pretty uncomfortable while being LIVE with Hank and Henry... and even though she played it cool, it was noticeable that the vibe was off... Hank and Henry must have said the word "BITCH" about hundreds of times, did anyone keep track? All we kept hearing was the word "Bitch" after every few words!

Once CandyLover left the LIVE chat with Henry, he automatically dropped 500+ viewers, within minutes... We were a bit disturbed watching this LIVE... here are some of the things he said;

"I'm not your regular influencer, I don't care about your feelings" And apparently he went off on someone and kept calling them a "fucking whore" Also said, "I hope your mother dies", "Don't get me confused with a nice person", "I'm here to give you a good time, know the difference, you dumb bitch" and also said, "fuck you hoe". Hank and Henry kept saying all those things while singing and promoting CandyLover's new song "Se Resuelve Bailando".

If none of the above was enough, he was even very disrespectful to CandyLover by saying "she a young hoe" and kept referring to CandyLover as a hoe. Watch the LIVE video below while it lasts ...

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