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High-Tech Dresses Designed & Created by Cameron Hughes.

Updated: Jan 11

Have you ever seen a dress that moves and has a life of its own? Well, you're about to!

Meet 28-year-old Cameron Hughes, a New York-based designer who specializes in high-tech fashion that moves on its own.

Cameron is bringing diversity to clothing design as he uses advanced technology to create and produce fashion products. His ability to create high-tech fashion comes from the skills he has learned while working as an industrial designer and engineer.

Cameron has a BFA from Syracuse University and uses his experience in sculpture and engineering to design.

Meet the Designer, Engineer, and artist behind these amazing sculptural creations.

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[Photo by Cameron Hughes]

Cameron started gaining social media followers back in 2020 when he began to post videos on TikTok.

As he starts to make a design, Cameron films the entire process to show his followers just how much work goes into making each of his mesmerizing one-of-a-kind dresses.

His ideas come from watching different creators on TikTok and YouTube videos as well as watching runway shows and current trends to see what's new and exciting in the fashion world.

Cameron loves finding new technology and other people's projects to see what types of components are available and thinks of ways how he would incorporate them into his new designs.


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To create any of his designs, Cameron goes through so many iterations of which motors to use and how to stabilize it, and how to get them all to sync properly. A project as such may take him almost four months of work to get it right.

Cameron wants to bring his audience along for the ride as he continues to make designs and starts to make ready-to-wear clothes.

"From thermal printer dresses to water fountain headpieces, designer and engineer Cameron Hughes @cameronhughes brings high-tech fashion to life. His engineering background makes it possible for him to create moving clothing designs that put a new twist on couture." - 60secdocs

In a recent article by Vogue's Cameron mentioned; "I want to show the entire process from making stuff in my studio apartment for

silly TikTok videos to launching a brand. An actual look at how it’s done, from incorporating the business to getting a studio space to making tech packs, shooting campaigns, auditing factories, making the actual clothes, showing at NYFW, and then working with retailers and shipping everything. I also absolutely loathe fast fashion and want to show people how actual quality, sustainable, and long-lasting clothes are made—also

some of the new ways clothes are made, like 3-D knitting and on-demand manufacturing. I just have such a fascination with how things are made."

Check out Cameron's most recent project. He worked along with @chrishabana to create and design a spinning flower bra for Dojacat.

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To learn more about Cameron Hughes, follow him on social media; Instagram



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