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How To Get Flawless SKIN - Healthy Radiant Skincare Routine.

How do celebrities get flawless skin? In this article, you will learn how you can get flawless skin too!

Social media influencer María Alejandra Marrero, better known as Mariale, will take you step-by-step on how you can achieve makeup-free, healthy, radiant skin.

In Mariale's video, she mentions that Kim Kardashian's facialist just revealed her 18-step skincare routine. Kim K's routine costs around $2,200 but you can also get healthy-looking skin by following these beauty skincare routines.

Kim Kardashians 18-step skincare routine!!

Who is Mariale?

María Alejandra Marrero, better known on social media as "Mariale" is a Venezuelan internet personality with both Spanish and English language channels.

Mariale is a YouTube and social media phenomenon specializing in beauty and fashion residing in Los Angeles, California.

Through her English-language channel called Mar, she shares different content which includes clips from her makeup videos, tutorials, and colorful outfit photos and more.

Follow the rest of Mariale ’s journey on her social media.


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