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How To Organize Your Makeup.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Organize your makeup in a way that sparks joy!

There's nothing better than a clutter-free counter.

If you're looking to get your collection of makeup in order, here are some tricks and items that will help you get organized.

Let's get started!

-First step: Go through all your makeup! Discard any that are broken and expired.

(Beauty products do expire! learn more about expired makeup)

-Second step: Sort your makeup by category. Separating your everyday makeup from the makeup used for special occasions will make your makeup routine much easier and faster.

By sorting your makeup, this will determine whether you want to store your makeup in a drawer or keep your makeup in a countertop organizer.

-Third step: Select your organizers - Let's find a place and a solution to hold your makeup collection.

When storing your makeup on the countertop, you'll want to make use of your vertical space by using organizers that stack.

If you decide to store your makeup in your drawers, you'll want to use modular makeup drawer organizers to keep everything separated

Any products that you use on a regular basis should be on the top counter of your vanity, or front drawers to make them more easily accessible.

Here are some basic ways to store and keep your makeup organized!

Remember that clear drawers and jars make it easier to locate your go-to products.

-Fill a votive holder to keep your brushes in it.

Some people use coffee beans or dry white beans, but you can use anything - Click on the picture to see more fillers for your votive.

-Magnetize your makeup and hang it on the wall. There are multiple ways to do this, find a tutorial of your choice HERE to help you magnetize your makeup.

-Divide your drawers. Drawer inserts are great to keep smaller eyeshadow quads, powders, blushes, and bronzers organized. You can also use a bead organizer to straighten stuff up and keep them organized.

-Kitchen Utensil organizers are just as useful when tucked into drawers.

-Magazine racks will keep your big palettes in order.

-Shoe organizers have multiple pockets to hold your makeup products.

If you don't have enough drawers storage this is perfect to hang on the back of your door.

You can organize and keep your makeup station tidy up with products you already own.

Anything from old candle holders to tin cans— cans work great to create a custom solution.

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