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How to Run Like a Pro: Tips on How to Start Running Now.

Running has many benefits, from increased happiness to weight loss.

Whether you're training for a 5k or setting new exercise goals, check out the following tips and tricks down below for experts and newbies of all ages and stages.

If you’ve never run before, a marathon can feel like an impossible thing to do, but it’s doable.

So the question is, how much running experience do you need before you run a marathon?

And the answer is simple! If you are currently healthy, you can go from couch to marathon finisher in less than six months.

In order to do so, you must take small steps. You must start with short standard distances before you can move to 5k, 10k, and marathon distances.

If you want to run like a pro (even If you're a newbie), the following plan will guide you along your new running journey.

First, you will need to start with comfortable and easy walks/jogs for 20 minutes. Combine walking and jogging without losing your breath.

This will help build cardiovascular strength and as your body adapts to the demands of running, you can then increase your time.

You will need to reach a moderate pace where you feel in control of your breathing, as you become stronger, your pace will naturally increase and you'll start covering more ground in less time.

Ultimately, this will lead you to run, almost as fast as you can!

Track your time and distance during each run, and you'll see how quickly you progress.

Most importantly, hydrate before you run!

To avoid cramps, hydrate well all day.

Stretch after your run.

Once you're done running, focus on stretching your calf muscles to avoid shin splints, and stretch your IT band (along your outer thigh), quads and glutes to avoid common running injuries.

Last but not least, rest!

Rest is necessary for your muscles to rebuild stronger and for your body to adapt to the demands of running.

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