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Incredible Weight Loss Transformation.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Need some major inspiration to jump-start your weight-loss goals?

Meet Ashley Miller, she is a beautiful 26-year-old whose weight loss transformation will inspire you to be healthier.

Ashley who is also known on Instagram as vixxenofficial_ has had a lot of people reach out to her asking if she's had any type of surgery during her weight-loss transformation...and the answer is no.

Ashley started her weight-loss transformation at 260 pounds and lost almost 100 pounds all naturally by making healthier decisions and of course exercise and lots of water.

This journey has been the best decision she's ever made and she is proud of the person she is becoming. Ashley shares a beautiful message and tells her followers that self-love is everything, if you ever feel like quitting remind your self why you've started in the first place. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t give up.

Ashely recently made a post on her Instagram account and said that weight loss is such a roller coaster but a roller coaster worth the ride 😉 .

The rewards can be life-changing.

She did mention that lately she has been slacking a lot and that’s the worst thing you can ever do. Ashley said that’s when you remind your self why you even started the weight-loss journey in the first place.

"Always remember weight loss is not an overnight quick fix, you have to put the work in and be consistent. Weight-loss has a-lot of ups and downs but nothing worth it comes easy ." - said Ashley.

Sometimes the hardest part of making such a big change is getting motivated, which is why we've wanted to share Ashely's story with you.

She transformed her body. If Ashley can shed the pounds, so can you!

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