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Isabel Bedoya Latest IG Video...

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Isabel Bedoya posted a video on her Instagram account and wrote: "Call me @badbunnypr deadass." According to her most recent video, it seems like Isabel is trying to get Bad Bunny's attention! Isabel, the 24-year-old Colombian is a self-taught beauty, fashion, and wellness influencer. Many of her videos are mostly of skincare routines and different type of make-up looks, but her newest video was definitely the opposite and something new!

(Click Image below to watch video)

According to the video above, it may be a bit clear that she is calling Bad Bunny out... The funny sketch that Isabel Bedoya shared on Instagram says "Don't, Don't be saying that, don't be spreading false fuck*ng rumors. I don't have no boyfriend? Oookkkurrr!"

Although Isabel may actually be single at the moment, it is known that Bad Bunny is currently in a relationship with 26-year-old Puerto Rican Model, Gabriela Berlingeri. You can see more of Isabel's work on her Instagram account.

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