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Jailyne's Hourglass-Shaped Body, Real or Fake?

Updated: Jan 9

Is Jailyne's hourglass-shaped body real or fake? Here, you will find the answers. Take a look for yourself...

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is one of the top models who flaunt their beauty throughout social media, especially on the platform of Instagram. The 21-year-old model is well known for her hourglass-shaped body. Jailyne is the ultimate definition of beauty with curves. But the question is... which surgery procedures did she go through to achieve this body?

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Jailyne Ojeda, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona is of Mexican descent. She is a professional fitness model, Instagram star, and social media personality. Jailyne has done various brand endorsing through her account and has also done loads of promotional work around her Arizona hometown.

There are plenty of rumors about Ojeda getting plastic surgery to achieve that amazing body. This question is often asked, but Jailyne claims to be all real as she mentioned on one of her social media platforms saying "I'm not plastic just have good genes"

Is Jailyne's body truly all real as she claims? Although many do suspect her having some procedures done, the question will always remain, which ones? Too good to be true, So what are your thoughts? Real or Fake? To see more pictures, you can follow Jailyne on INSTAGRAM

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Down below you will find out if Jailyne Ojeda's body is real or fake. Take a look at this amazing and very detailed video by Jailyne who will tell you a very terrifying story and the truth about her body and the surgeries she has gotten done.

Here you have Jailyne's before and after surgeries, watch her story down below.

Jailyne has mentioned on her social media that she is an active person and does exercises.

Exercising is key to maintaining a healthy and fit body.

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Please know that exercise is only part of the process.

Let's not forget that nutrition also will play a big part in the weight loss journey.

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