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KaMillion ft. IamZoie -Womp Womp Official Music Video.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Whose booty is going Womp Womp Womp to KaMillion's jam! The song is called "Womp Womp" and it features IamZoie... and we are just loving it! Warning. The song is catchy! "Womp Womp" may have you shaking it non-stop!

"Ohh La La... How She Moving, That Bounce it Twerk it Shake it Pop it" If you haven't yet, watch the video below.

So who is KaMillion? Jacksonville rapper and Grammy Award-winning songwriter KaMillion

She is a hip-hop artist whose sound is a mix of heavy bass, gritty production, and R&B. You can follow her on INSTAGRAM

This song features IamZoie! We are so excited to hear IamZoie making music and being part of this song and/or any song...We just LOVE HIM!!! He is so talented, not only can he dance like no other but his comedy skits on Instagram never fails to put a smile on our faces, trust us... He will make you laugh!!!

So who is IamZoie? IamZoie is a content creator. Zoie Fenty, better known as "GotDamnZo" or simply "Zoe" is an American internet personality best known for his online videos on social media. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Zoie Fenty, known on Instagram as"IamZoie" has become an internet sensation...Check him out!

Follow IamZoie on INSTAGRAM

So, have you done the "Womp Womp Challenge yet"? If so, we want to see it! Share your videos with us!


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