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Kennedi Carter - Youngest Photographer To Shoot Cover for UK Fashion Publication.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Beyonce is definitely in the fashion spotlight as she fronts the December issue of British Vogue with three separate covers, captured by 21-year-old photographer Kennedi Carter.

Kennedi Carter is the youngest photographer to shoot a cover for the UK fashion publication in its 104-year history.

Photos: Instagram - Beyonce/ Photographer: Kennedi Carter

Who is Kennedi Carter?

A Durham, North Carolina native by way of Dallas Texas, Kennedi Carter is a photographer with a primary focus on Black subjects. Her work highlights the aesthetics & sociopolitical aspects of Black life as well as the overlooked beauties of the Black experience: skin, texture, trauma, peace, love and community. Her work aims to reinvent notions of creativity and confidence in the realm of Blackness.

Photo: Instagram Kennedi Carter

Some of Kennedi's selected clients are British Vogue, GQ, The Fader, Essence, The New York Times, Men's Health, TIME, Refinery 29. She's won awards for

-British Journal of Photography - 2020, Ones to Watch.

-Pride Photo Award 2020 - Nichelle.

To see more of Kennedi's work, visit her website

Follow Kennedi Carter on Instagram.

Kennedis most recent Instagram post said: "For this to be my first cover, at 21 favored is an understatement. Manifest big as hell, your destiny & dreams will merge."

And she continued to share her amazing work on Instagram captioned "Beyoncé by me for British Vogue"


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