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Laura Clery's Second-Baby Announcement Will Make You Melt.

Pregnancy is a wondrous time in a woman's life.

Laura Clery's second-baby announcement will make you melt.

On August 31st, Laura Clery announced on her Facebook page, that she is pregnant with baby #2. Take a look at the video down below to see Laura's husband Stephen Hilton's reaction as he finds out he is about to be a father to their second child.

Laura Clery already shares a son with husband Stephen Hilton, their child's named is Alfred Sound, their first pregnancy was announced around November 2018.

Laura Clery, the 34-year-old vegan yogi, and comedic actress was not always so put together.

In her first-ever book, 'Idiot', she recounts the tales of the broke, spontaneous, drug-addicted lifestyle she lived as a young, impulsive, self-described “idiot.”

Laura Clery has found a way to use Facebook Video to reach a massive audience.

She’s one of Facebook’s most popular creators and her videos are known all over the globe.

Today she is a changed woman... she will definitely bring some laughs and joy your way. If you haven't seen any of her videos, then you might want to start following her on social media.

She is hilarious! Check out a video Laura made when she was pregnant with baby #1...

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