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Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking Do The #Anittachallege - Envolver Challenge by Anitta.

Anitta's twerking challenge is taking over the world!

The new trend inspired by the “Girl From Rio” singer Anitta, is going VIRAL! Her new challenge has been accepted by many women and men worldwide and they are sharing their challenge videos of them shaking their rear-end... on every social media platform.

The challenge was inspired by Anitta's dance on stage for one of her most recent song called "Envolver". During her performances, Anitta plants both of her hands on the floor,

bends down, and slowly moves her butt in a circle while making her way 'down' to the ground.

This sensual dance has gained millions of views and is taking over every social media platform. Check out Anitta's original dance down below.

Just recently, Anitta met up with influencer Lele Pons, and they shared a video on Instagram of Anitta teaching Lele Pons how to make the moves, but in the hilarious skit, Lele Pons did not seem interested and did NOT try the dance in that film.

During that video, you can see Lele Pons just sitting behind Anitta, wearing a fully zipped up hoodie while keeping a straight face... all while Anitta was showing her the moves.

Although Lele Pons didn't try the moves in the first #AnittaChallenge skit, she did end up taking a shot at the challenge in a new video, and this time she is next to her longtime friend Hannah Stocking.

Anitta was present during the challenge between Lele Pons and Hannah and fans were asked which one did it better.

Take a look at the following video of Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking doing the Anitta Challenge / Envolver Challenge.

Ultimately, Anitta picked Hannah as the winner. Who do you think did it better?

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