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Lele Pon's Home Workout Videos with Lifestyle Fitness Coach DIANA MAUX.

Updated: Jan 9

During this pandemic, working out at home is still a safer option than heading to a gym.

Establishing a home workout routine could also ease anxiety related to coping with the pandemic.

Whether you're currently trying to stay fit or you're in dire need of a diet and some workout routines Lele Pons and personal trainer Diana, got you covered!

Remember, it's very important that you warm up and stretch prior to any workout and/or exercise to help avoid injuries.

Prepare your muscles and joints for activity by warming up and stretching before any workout. A warm-up routine increases blood flow, raises the body’s temperature, and improves balance, flexibility, and coordination.

In the following workout videos by LelePon and trainer Diana Maux, you will get to see different warm-up and stretching techniques.

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Who is Diana Maux?

Diana is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Guru, Chef, and “Strong by Zumba” Instructor.

Diana is straight out of Colombia! She was an overweight child and walked around with a target on her back! The constant bullying made her very shy which led to suffering from eating disorders. However, that rough childhood fueled her and built her foundation to help others

Diana competed in a NPC Bikini Show which really pushed the limits.

Maux Training has developed through her knowledge of different physical disciplines, training methods, and goals to transform lives along the way.

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Check out these amazing home workouts with Lele Pons and lifestyle fitness coach Diana Maux!

Warm-up and Stretching / Ab workout.

Glutes/Butt Workout.

Arm Workout.

Cardio Workout.

Full body workout.

Glute/Butt workout (To make glute round)

Toning lower body.

Workout-Exercises you can try with a chair.

Waist exercise. Tone your waist.

Burn belly fat exercises.

Butt lift workout.

Back workout - Burn back fat workout.

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If you're interested in a 1 On 1 Coaching with Diana Maux, visit her website.

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