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Les Do Makeup x Dime Collection - Drops July 26th.

The lifestyle vlogger Leslie, a.k.a LesDoMakeup partnered with Dime Optics to drop a limited edition collection of stunning sunglasses.

Introducing Les Do Makeup x Dime. The new collab drops on July 26th!

Dime is an independent eyewear maker from Los Angeles, CA. Their design glasses start at just $30.

[Photo: DIME Optics | Official website]

Although there have been some 'rumors' that LesDoMakeup has been called out for having similar style sunglasses as DEZI's brand. It's been said that Jon (Katy's boyfriend) was the one that exposed Les’s sunglasses looking the same as Desi Perkins's collection.

We'll let you be the judge of that! Click here to learn more about DEZI's brand.

[Photo: DIME Optics | Official website]

[Photo: LesDoMakeup | Instagram]

Who is LesDoMakeup?

LeeexLieee whose real name is Leslie Quezada is known by her online persona as Les Do Makeup.

In recent years, LeeexLieee has built a social media brand that contains a mixture of modeling content, make-up tutorials, and also gives her fans full access to her life.

LeeexLieee also shares cooking and baking tutorials on her social media platforms.

Want to learn more about LesDoMakeup? Visit: Leslie 'LesDoMakeup'

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