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LesDoMakeup Daughter's Baby Shower, Leslie's Baby Number 2 Due Date Revealed.

Leslie better known on social media as Lesdomakeup is pregnant with baby number two, and her due date is coming up soon! Lesdomakeup's new baby was a surprise for her and her fiancé Alex Galindo being that Leslie got pregnant while being on birth control pills. Leslie's new baby is currently weighing 7 pounds at 33 weeks.

Lesdomakeup personally thinks her new baby girl will come in early September which would be 38 weeks, but Leslie's actual due date was originally October 3rd which eventually got changed to September 26th, 2022.

[Photo: Lesdomakeup Video | YouTube]

Lesdomakeup's first child Baby G is currently two years and 8 months old, as of today.

During Leslie's most recent video vlogs, she shares with her followers how she has prepared herself for the arrival of her new baby girl.

There is no doubt that Leslie is well prepared for her second child. In her video, she talks about every single item she has packed for her due date's hospital trip, some of the items Leslie packed in her bag are; women's disposable diapers, nursery bras, granny panties, nipple balm, a long gown, and two outfits for her to come back home.

In her toiletry bag, she packed a facewash, moisturizer, a little brush, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, body spray, scrunchies, and Q-tips.

If you've missed Leslie's new video "What's in my hospital bag", feel free to check it out down below.

Leslie also mentioned in her video how she bought her new baby girl the very last Christian Dior bag in pink, to make it her new girl's diaper bag.

In her babygirl's bag, there are two bottles, a blanket, a unicorn plush, a pacifier, 1 swaddle outfit, 2 beanies, and additional clothing items for Leslie's daughter's coming-home outfit.

Leslie's baby #2 baby shower was on July 30th, 2022, and her vlog baby shower video was released on August 3rd. In the following video, you will see Leslie's second baby shower venue, its decor, and the food menu, which included 3 different dishes in buffet style.

Throughout her video, you will also see most of the games that were played by her guest at her baby shower, they all seemed to have had an amazing time at Lesdomakeup's second baby shower. If you've missed it, check out Leslie's baby girl's baby shower, down below!

To learn more about social media influencer Leslie check out;

-Leslie a.k.a LesDoMakeup.

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