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Leslie Quezada "LesDoMakeup" Beauty Influencer Celebrates 27th Birthday.

Beauty influencer Leslie Quezada better known as LeeexLieee or "Les Do Makeup" started the new year by celebrating her 27th birthday and she looked amazing in her hot pink dress.

Leslie Quezada is a makeup artist, a model, and a social media personality who shares different types of content through her social media platforms. LesDoMakeup (Leslie) is known for her makeup tutorial videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo: Leslie Quezada Instagram

On Facebook, Leslie has gained over 1.3 million followers. You can watch Leslie's LIVE videos on Facebook, her username is: "LES DO MAKEUP". Leslie LIVE's consist of makeup & hair tutorials, GRWM (Get ready with me), clothing hauls, and more. You will even see Leslie cooking and baking on her Facebook LIVES, so get ready to be entertained.

On January 3rd, 2021, Leslie celebrated her 27th birthday next to her loves ones. Leslie's birthday dinner / intimate party took place at her house. Her birthday theme was titled "Les Turns 27" and the decorations were so gorgeous.

Take a look at the pictures down below where you can see the elegant set up created by the amazing event planner: Sweet & Fancy.

Leslie also runs a YouTube channel where she uploads a little bit of everything about her life.

Down below, is Leslie's most recent video where she vlogged about her birthday experience plus you'll see a full tour of her amazing birthday decoration. Watch full video: "HOW MY BIRTHDAY WENT! *UNEXPECTED*"

Here are 8 facts about Leslie Quezada.

1 - Leslie Quezada was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.

2 - She was born on January 3rd, 1994.

3 - As of January 2021, Leslie Quezada is 27 years old.

4 - Her birth sign is Capricorn.

5 - She is in a relationship with her boyfriend Vlex Galindo.

6 - Leslie and Vlex welcomed their first son, named Gael Gianni on December 16, 2019.

7 - Leslie's Lesdomakeup first Instagram post was on May 4, 2016, and the captioned was: "found a play 🤘🏼"

8 - Leslie enrolled herself at the University of Texas-El Paso, where she graduated with Masters in Business Accounting.

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