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Lina Mayorga - Sustainable Vegan fashion Designer.

Meet Lina Mayorga, born in Colombia and based in New York City, Lina is a sustainable vegan fashion designer, and advocate who graduated from Parsons The New School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design.

As a designer, Lina seeks to set an example and be a voice leader for sustainable fashion

and veganism in the industry.

Lina offers sustainable options to the always-changing trends with pieces that can be transformed into other garments and be able to be constructed or deconstructed easier for recycling purposes.

(Photo: Lina Mayorga)

Lina started her own clothing brand in March 2018, she wanted to make her own clothes and aligned them with her principles and lifestyle.

Lina's clothing is made with organic, recycling, or up-cycled materials and designed with zero-waste techniques. No leather, Fur, or Silk. Lina Mayorga’s work is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and wants to break the stereotypes of sustainable clothing.

In July 2020, Lina Mayorga shared her unique creation (as shown in the picture below) at the 7th annual ISKO I-SKOOL Digital Award Ceremony and won the best overall media mention award.


In an interview with Sportswear-International, Lina shared details about her denim design and mentioned how she had incorporated a QR code image onto her jeans especially created to be seen as decorative, but informative which also can be scanned by any smart device for more information about the production of the jeans, the materials, the special treatments and the garment care of these jeans and who made your clothes.

Lina's vision is to lead the fashion industry to a sustainable future that inspires, creates, and innovates while treating people and nature fairly.

Lina currently works 24/7 and does everything by herself. She will start collaborating with like-minded people creating alliances that allow the evolution of her brand and the spread of sustainable clothing in the industry.

Take a look at some of Lina's work. Available at

Lina Mayorga is also the founder of “Fashion Fab News”, a fashion, beauty, and fitness blog, where she shares content about cruelty-free beauty, styling, high-end fashion, trends, and wellness.

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Lina Mayorga's collection official website.

Fashion Fab News official website.

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