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Lingerie Brand Claims Victoria’s Secret Copied its Designs.

Black-owned lingerie brand claims Victoria’s Secret copied its designs.

A small Black-owned lingerie company from the UK called 'Edge o’Beyond' is accusing Victoria's Secret of stealing its designs after finding similar lingerie items on Victoria's Secret's website.

The company claims that a Victoria’s Secret employee purchased inventory as a way to likely inform the design process of the pieces in question.

Edge o’ Beyond founder, director, and designer Naomi De Haan tells Yahoo Life that she received direct messages from a number of customers, who shared links to Victoria’s Secret items that looked almost identical to those created for her own brand.

After then comparing the designs herself, she wrote a post on the brand’s Instagram page.

In an email to Yahoo Life, Naomi De Haan shared links and detailed comparisons of all the items, noting that the Victoria’s Secret Multi-Embroidery Thong Panty from the Dream Angels collection appeared to her to be a combined copy of three different Edge o’ Beyond styles. The Victoria’s Secret Multi-embroidery High-Rise Thong Panty, Naomi De Haan says, appears highly influenced by two of her pieces as well.

“As you can see, the pieces are so similar, so I'm certain they have our pieces, as I don't think they could've made something so similar without physically having our products,” Naomi De Haan writes.

She continued by saying "two orders direct from our website stood out to us as very suspicious. One order from the US was from someone who has the same name as someone working in the creative team at Victoria’s Secret in the US, so we believe this may be have been VS purchasing the range in question.”

Another Instagram account known as Diet Prada is calling out Victoria's Secret as well on similar instances of alleged rip-offs in the fashion industry and they said the following.

Naomi De Haan also wrote, “I think it is terrible that huge corporations like VS are stealing from small independent businesses like mine, especially during the era of Black Lives Matter, preying on an independent black business when they have a huge team of designers to hand,”.

As for right now, Victoria’s Secret has not responded to Yahoo Life’s request for comment on the matter.


Remember to support your local and small owned businesses. To learn more about Edge o' Beyond, visit their Instagram page.


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