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"Love & Nudes" Intimates Collection by Chantal Carter Taylor.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Love & Nudes is Canada's 1st Black-owned skin tone intimates for PoC. (PoC = Person of Color) Chantal Carter Taylor launched the brand after being frustrated over the concept of “nude” as “nude” is usually applied to those with lighter complexions. Motivated by the glaring absence and misrepresentation of everyday products for women of color, Chantal developed a beautiful collection of undergarments that not only looks amazing but also feels good on your skin. 

Chantal Carter Taylor is a fashion editor, wardrobe stylist, and product developer.

Chantal and her team have developed a collection of modern intimates to compliment every woman's uniqueness - her skin tone!

Check out some items from the "Love & Nudes" collection down below.

The brand "Love & Nudes" is not simply about underwear, but rather a means to create a global community designed to connect and share one another's individuality. The brand also works with conscious women in Colombia who are also all about empowering their communities by providing fair wages and working with factories that employ single mothers, giving them a chance to support their families in just working conditions.

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