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Makeup Artist 'Drownthecityy' Paints Famous People on Her Eyes!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

We stumbled upon a makeup artist on Instagram whose makeup skills are beyond amazing. This young lady does paintings of famous characters on her eyelids. She is so skilled! She can paint almost any face over her eyebrows and eyelids. She is an extremely talented artist. Meet Kristen Jones, she is a professionally trained and licensed makeup and hair artist located in Jackson, Alabama, and she is best known as Drownthecityy Makeup on social media.

As a professional makeup artist, Kristen Jone's mission is to help clients feel beautiful and stand out above the crowd in the best way possible.

According to a statement, Kristen started doing characters because she enjoys drawing in real life and as you can see, her drawings are intense and very impressive. She mentioned that turning makeup into something different is fun! For Kristen, a regular cartoon character takes her about 20 to 30 minutes, but to draw a real person's face, it can take her up to an hour and a half. Just take a look at some of Kristen's most recent makeup looks down below!

To learn more about Kristen, follow her on social media: Instagram Facebook Twitter


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