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Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Brighter. (Eye Makeup Video Tutorial)

New Year, new eyes? Well, that's certainly not a popular thing, or is it? But I am here to show you the tip that I have been searching for. Here is a video that helps us hooded-eyed girls. Simple, to the point, and most importantly - Effective!

Elegant Travel Makeup Bag with Mirror and LED Lights. Get yours today! My name is Victoria, one of the content writers for OurPinkWorld. I've had hooded eyes since forever and then some! I recently had pictures taken with my loved ones and I during the Holidays. And I felt gloriously beautiful, until I saw my pictures. I, by nature, have small eyes. I've tried different makeup techniques but nothing has worked for me. Until this tutorial.


Stylish Clear bags for your upcoming event. White eyeliner for the bottom waterline has always been one of my favorite "go-to", but with these new techniques shown in this tutorial, I cannot wait for my next date. Know someone who would love this post too? Share it with them!

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