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Meet Beauty Vlogger, Aidette Cancino.

If it's beauty looks you're after, you'll find them on Aidette Cancino's Instagram page.

Aidette Cancino is a beauty guru and vlogger currently residing in California.

Aidette is dominating the social media world. She shares lots of gorgeous snaps on her Instagram feed to more than 597k followers and her online presence continues to grow. You can also watch Aidette's on her YouTube channel 'AidetteLovesBeautyXo' where she currently has nearly 562K subscribers to her channel. On Aidette's YouTube account you will find incredible beauty tricks and tips, you can expect to watch entertaining videos from makeup tutorials, try-on hauls, product reviews, TikTok challenges, and also an inside look at her life.

[Photo: Aidette Cancino]

Nowadays, Aidette Cancino is not only sharing content through her social media platforms, but she is also concentrating on the business side of the fashion industry.

In December 2020, Aidette has launched her new clothing collection called 'Diosa'.

With Diosa, Aidette wants to inspire beauty, irresistibility, and powerful individuality in everyone who wears her pieces. [Diosa translates to Goddess.] Diosa is a woman who is adored and holds beauty. Diosa strives to enhance self-confidence and self-love, evoking the very sentiments for which a goddess is known.

[Photo: Diosa - Aidette Cancino]

Aidette is no stranger to success. She is a top social media influencer who provides content like no other. She's definitely earning recognition for her work and claiming the spotlight. Take a look at Aidette's most recent post on Instagram.

To learn more about Aidette Cancino, follow her on social media; Instagram YouTube

Follow Aidette's new clothing collection 'Diosa' on social media; Official DIOSA website. Follow Diosa on Instagram.

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