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Meet Candy Lover - a Talented Makeup Artist and Singer!

Updated: Jan 9

Meet Candy Lover, she is an extremely talented makeup artist and an amazing singer!

Candy Lover's biggest passion has always been music and on June 17th, she released her very first album called "De la Nada".

Throughout her career, Candy Lover has also gotten the opportunity to collaborate with beauty brands such as Pinky Rose cosmetics, Hank & Henry Beauty, and Colourpop.

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So who is Candy Lover?

Her name is Angelica Torres, better known on social media as Candy Lover. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and by the age of 11, Angelica moved to California.

Her journey began at an early age. She always had a passion for bling, makeup, and most importantly music which led her to join her High School choir.

At the age of 18, right after school, Angelica decided to open up a retail store called "Love for Bling" in Riverside, California, where she would sell clothes, accessories, and design custom blinged-out phone cases. Angelica loves bling, anywhere she could add bling, she would!

After three years in business, her store "Love for Bling" was closed but since then, she has turned her talents into so much more.


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After closing her store, Angelica started going LIVE on Facebook, where she would do makeup tutorials and sing live.

Her social media page started gaining a massive amount of followers and thanks to all the support and love from her fans and followers, she got the push she needed to get back into music.

Without any connections, a manager, or a record label, she started her singing career.

The first song Candy Lover released is called "Far from Home" which reached #3 on the Latin Charts.

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Get to know Candy Lover better.

Not only is she a talented makeup artist and an amazing singer, but she also hopes to inspire people to fight for their dreams.

Check out the video below where Candy Lover talks about her story and how she got started.

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You can listen to Candy Lover's music on Spotify

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