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Amazing Makeup Artist on the Rise, Meet Carlos Zaragoza.

Do you know who Carlos Zaragoza is? If not, you're missing out.

Carlos Zaragoza is a must-follow. He is a visionary, a creative director, content producer and an amazing makeup artist... and we're loving his content and undeniable talent!

Carlos' touching story on how he got started is very inspiring. Motivated by the harsh reality that he was living in due to his family's financial burden and constant moving into, as he explains, "roach infested trailers", Carlos found a new love and passion for make up.

Although today his talent and beauty is jaw dropping, it wasn't always his goal to become a make up artist. When he was approximately 14 years old, he saw his then-boyfriend with a full set of make up and

However, this all changed when he turned to Periscope (video streaming app), where he started experimenting with make-up and sharing his content online. As he explained in one of his you tube videos, Carlos turned into Periscope as a way to escape the reality he was living in. Inspired by other make up influencers such as James Charles and Patrick Starr, to name a few, Carlos was loving all the attention he was getting online. After one of his followers suggested that he should open his own instagram account, Carlos decided to try it out and the rest is history. Now with over 18,000 followers Carlos is someone you should definetely be following.

Watch Carlos full story down below.

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