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Meet Taniya Lewis, CEO of 'Get Prettyy'.

Discover your beauty! Meet Taniya Lewis, CEO of Get Prettyy. Get Prettyy was founded by Taniya after reaching an impressive following on social media through her personal Instagram account.

Taniya has reached thousands of young women who have fallen in love with her process of getting the perfect curls, hairstyles and capping it off with the perfect edges. Today, Taniya's Instagram platform has gained over 153K followers...and still counting.

Throughout her Instagram account, you will find Taniya doing many different cute hairstyles. You will find everything from"spiced up curlyyy puff!", "middle part slick back", "rubberband method space buns" and endless different hairstyles. In addition to Taniya's tutorials, you will get to learn more about some of her favorite products she uses while getting pretty.

If you are in need of hairstyle ideas, Taniya is your girl! Aside from the amazing hairstyles that Taniya puts together, you will also see that she has flawless skin. If you are wondering what her regimen is, watch the video down below.

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