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Meet Tinx | "Rich Mom" Gear by Social Media Star Tinx.

Get to know Tinx. This young woman has gone from an unemployed writer to a multi-platform lifestyle icon who is now loved by many across the nation.

From her satirical takes on pop culture to her sought-after recommendations and expert advice, "It's Me, Tinx" podcast dives into all of the hot topics.

With her contagious wit and admirable honesty Tinx has been able to grow an amazing online following...

It's only been 2 years since Tinx started her social media journey from the comfort of her studio apartment in L.A, and within a short amount of time, Tinx turned her hobby into a career that led to the purchase of her first home in L.A.

[Photo: Tinx | Instagram]

So if you're still wondering who Tinx is, allow us to tell you more about her!

Tinx is an American digital creator, advice expert, and podcast host who began posting on TikTok during the pandemic lockdown. She is best known on social media as Tinx (TikTok username @tinx), but Tinx's real name is Christina Najjar.

Najjar was born in Washington, D.C, and moved to London as a baby.

At the age of 19, Tinx moved to California to attend Stanford University where she studied English literature and creative writing before moving to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design’s fashion journalism program.

Tinx currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

The 31-year-old social media influencer has been labeled as "the big sister of TikTok". Tinx has become very loved by many on social media, thanks to her funny videos, celebrity commentary, relationship advice, and self-described "Rich Mom Walks" along her

“starter packs,” which are like short guides, for rich moms. You can now shop Tinx new clothing line "Rich Mom" which offers leisure wear.

Although Tinx definitely enjoys breaking down the lifestyles of the elite. She has also emerged as the digital dating coach for hundreds of thousands of young women.

Check out Tinx's very first RICH MOM video. Started Pack: Tribeca

The story behind Tinx's sippy Cup.

Shop Tinx's sippy Cup.

Tinx made a viral TikTok video and more than 5 million people have viewed it. Ever since the video, Tinx has been tagged in zippy cup pictures of followers

who have also bought this amazing Sippy cup.

Tinx claims this Adult sippy cup is the best water bottle in the world and she claims to have 9 of them... but she is not the only one obsessed with the 'Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler', it turns out that thousands of Amazon shoppers also agree.


'Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler'

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