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Melanie Marie Collection - Custom Jewelry.

The Melanie Marie Collection is inspired and designed with the fashionable, contemporary yet classy woman in mind.

A Melanie Marie piece will bring out the inner beauty and fashionista in a woman. Melanie Marie Collection offers high fashion products that will unleash a woman’s full potential and make them feel like they are exclusive by having a one of a kind original piece of fashion.

[Photo by Melanie Marie]

Meet CEO and designer of Melanie Marie Collection, Melanie White. Born and raised in New York to a large family, Melanie White decided to follow her heart into a field she was internally drawn to, which was to design. The more Melanie designed accessories and handbags, the more it felt like the right thing for her to be doing.

Melanie believes that designing is part of what she was designed to do.

MELANIE MARiE has something for everyone!

Check out Melanie's gorgeous jewelry collection.

[Photo: Melanie White]

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