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It's Time to Meet Morena Baccarin. Leading Actress from Greenland. (Releasing 12/18/20).

Updated: Jan 9

Morena Baccarin is the beautiful leading actress from the new, must-watch, phenomenal movie, Greenland, releasing on 12/18/20.

Who is Morena Baccarin?

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June of 1979, Morena is the daughter of actress Vera Setta and journalist Fernando Baccarin. Morena has been a part of numerous movies and shows (including 'Deadpool'), but we are here to praise her fantastic acting performance in the new Greenland movie.

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This nail-biting movie had us all in tears. If you don't know what Greenland is about keep reading.

Here we have a little summary from David Ehlrich's (from IndieWire); "Butler stars as John Garrity, a Scottish-born structural engineer so ordinary that “everyman” feels a little too edgy a term to describe him. If his marriage to Allison (the ever-appealing Morena Baccarin) were one of the skyscrapers he built, it might not be falling apart. We don’t learn the reason behind their recent separation until toward the end of the film, but it comes as a shock when we do; not because the reveal itself is surprising, but rather because “Greenland” is so light on character detail that you almost can’t believe that it doubles back to fill in that blank. All you really need to know about the Garritys is that the growing distance between them is still bridged by their mutual love for their diabetic seven-year-old son Nathan (Roger Floyd), whose regular need for insulin — to the great shock of anyone who’s never seen a movie before — will very much come up again. (Among other things, “Greenland” is a nail-biter for anyone who’s ever worried about how they’d fare without their respective crutches during an emergency.) " - David Ehlrich. We won't give you any spoilers but we cannot stress how much this movie moved us, especially during times like this. We've automatically become huge fans of Morena and we are looking forward to seeing her future work!

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