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Must-Have Foam Party Hats - As Seen on Shark Tank.

Did you see THIS on Shark Tank? If not, don't worry, we have you covered! Meet this dynamic duo out of Houston, Texas. Their positive, outgoing and bubbly personalities are infectious. And their crazy fun and brilliant idea is exactly what we need to cheer us up during this pandemic (and many years to come).

Meet mother and son entrepreneur duo Manuel and Grace Rojas, founders of Foam Party Hats.

Photo: Foam Party Hats (ABC)

Grace Rojas lived in Venezuela and wanted to do something unique and special for her daughter’s wedding during the "La Hora Loca". La Hora Loca is a wedding tradition. It's an hour-long show where performers wear flashy outfits, resembling those from carnivals, and pass around glowing lights, party hats and masks to encourage guests to dance.

The wedding guests were ecstatic to wear the foam hats during the wedding. It became such a fun trend that the guests started to order their own personalized hats right then and there. That night was the start of this amazing hat-making business for her and her son. This is how Foam Party Hats came to life.

You can see their business pitch (and super fun presentation) on Shark Tank' Season 12, Episode 5. We personally love them and think you will too! Learn more about their fun company below.

Photo: Foam Party Hats (ABC)

A party isn't a party without bright and happy colors! And that's why every time Foam Party Hats make their entrance, everybody knows THIS is when the party starts!

Make your party something never seen before with party decorations and garments that come right from YOUR imagination!

Foam Party Hats are so unique.

Whatever your funniest and craziest party ideas are, Foam Party Hats can bring them to life!

Anything you imagine, Foam Party Hats will make it real! And please know that your expectations will be over-exceeded!

Their customized party hats gather the best features of many cultures to make a fantasy world out of your party!

All Foam Party Hats and foam wigs are hand-made in Houston, TX! Their party hats and props come in several sizes, with accessories, in absolutely every color – or colors – you want, and more!

Take a look at their GALLERY. Every one of those state-of-the-art party wigs and hats come from their clients’ minds; those were their own ideas! Foam Party Hats provide a product for every need and any occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding party, a quinceanera party, a sports event, a corporate event, or Carnival - Foam Party Hats will create an original and striking piece just for you

Order your Party Hat today! Visit their website:

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