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Makeup Artist Mustbecindy.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

How can we not talk about her... Here is the one and only beautiful Cindy! We are hoping most of you have heard about her by now but if you didn't, then allow us to introduce you to MustBeCindy. Cindy shares a lot of beauty content on social media, she's definitely a very talented makeup artist and fun to watch!

Cindy has recently shared with us that she is partnering with @savagexfenty

And we were stoked to hear about this news! Here is her most recent picture rocking the Savage X Fenty Lingerie!

If you enjoy makeup, Facebook lives, and good vibes, then you need to be following Cindy! She will not only teach you a thing or two when it comes to makeup and fashion, but she will definitely entertain you and capture your heart! To learn more about Cindy, you can follow her on;




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