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Nail Salon Table with Pedicure Stool - Manicure Table.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This nail salon table and stool can be used at home or at your nail salon.

Ensure comfort and productivity

This nail salon stool locks at heights between 18.9 and 26.7 inches to match your studio chair or living room couch exactly... it's also the perfect pedicurist stool.


The strong and efficient built-in dust collector is designed to keep the workplace clean. This manicure table for nail technicians can help capture the mess and odor created from filling nails and handling chemicals, preventing you and your client from inhaling them.


The versatile nail table for nail tech is designed with folding metal legs for space-saving and easy to carry. The desk can be folded or unfolded by pulling the ring lock, so it can effectively prevent the injury and loss caused by the folding of the table legs.


The nail tech desk comes with a removable wrist cushion and waterproof oxford carrying bag. The CARB2 tabletop decorated with silver patterns features a stylish design and will be well protected from chemicals, such as acetone, and also easy to clean.


The manicure table can be moved around easily with 4 casters and fixed in position with the brakes to avoid skidding. Besides, the design of the legs makes the nail table more stable and lighter.

To learn more visit: Nail Salon Table with Pedicure Stool - Manicure Table.

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