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Nelson Calls Kailah A ...

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you watch "The Challenge" show [Total Madness - Season 35] you will know that Nelson disrespected Kailah on episode 7, and we are very upset and quite disgusted with Nelson's behavior. Nelson should be ashamed of the way he reacted to the situation and he should definitely feel embarrassed about how he spoke to Kailah and called her out.

At the nominations on episode 7, Nelson goes off on Kailah, bringing up her relationship issues and calling her "the foulest woman here" and telling her to "go get f---ed in the porta-potty again." Of course, Nelson wasn't done being a jerk. He tells Bear it was nice of him to stick up for his "girlfriend" and calls Kailah a "slut", leaving everyone shocked.

Kailah Casillas has been on a few seasons of the show, and she’s proven to be a tough competitor. On "The Challenge - Total Madness" show, you can see that Kailah may have fallen for one other competitor who goes by the name of Stephen Bear. Bear has a reputation and is known for pursuing multiple women on the show. On Season 35, it was clear that there was a mutual attraction between Kailah and Bear and they were romantically linked while they both competed on Season 35.

Kailah was indeed dating Mikey P. while she was messing around with Bear...

No matter what the situation was, Nelson can't just talk to women like that. It was awful! We felt pretty bad for Kailah for what Nelson had said to her. No matter what you do, no one deserves to be talked to that way.

The next morning, Nelson finally apologizes to Kailah.

He eventually admits that it was "wrong" of him to call her a slut: "I take that back." He blames the bunker for making him lose it... Nice try Nelson!

Kailah does accept the apology but she did say in her interview that it’s getting harder to believe him because this has happened so many times.

Even though Nelson did end up apologizing, at the end of the day he still said those things...


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