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New Clothing Brand "Sleek Luxe" by Erika Rodriguez.

Erika Rodriguez announced the launch of her new clothing brand "Sleek Luxe".

On December 1st, Erika shared a video on her YouTube channel to announce that her clothing brand will launch this weekend.

In her most recent video, Erika talks about how it all started and goes into details about her clothing brand, explains how she picked the brand's name, how she came up with the logo and more!

Meet Erika Rodriguez, she is a pro makeup artist & educator.

Erika loves the beauty industry that she is in and she loves being a makeup artist, but her long term plans were never to be a freelance makeup artist and to teach makeup.

A while back Erika had mentioned in her YouTube videos that she enjoys freelancing and at one point, when she was in college, she thought she wanted to have a school and teach makeup, but once she started teaching and "doing the thing" she soon realized it was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

For Erika, makeup is a hobby and it's fun.

Erika also enjoys sharing fashion posts and getting glammed. In her video, Erika said that putting makeup on and dressing up does change her mood, and it puts her in a better place, and although she loves the industry that she is in, she did not want to start a makeup brand to create palletes or glosses, because it's not where she wants to be.

Erika is extremely excited for the launch of Sleek Luxe.

She is hoping to launch her brand by the end of the weekend, or the following week.

Erika still plans to do YouTube videos and also be active on Instagram sharing makeup looks and fashion posts.

We're looking forward to see what Sleek Luxe has to offer... If you want a sneak speak, take a look at the video below where Erika talks about her brand and is also wearing a clothing item that will be available at her online store!!!

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Sleek Luxe Official Website.

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