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Nike Launches Maternity Collection "Nike M".

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Nike launches its first-ever line of maternity activewear, Nike (M).

If you're a pregnant woman who participates in sports, this four-piece collection is intended for you to feel comfortable. This new collection will support you during all stages of pregnancy and beyond. 

The timeline of motherhood doesn’t stop at nine months.

Motherhood is a new chapter for a woman’s relationship with her body and with sport, and it’s often difficult for pregnant and postpartum moms to find the support they need.

Nike (M) was developed over a three-year period. The new collection line was conceived and led by moms and moms-to-be on the Nike design team.

The collection, called Nike (M), is priced between $45 to $85 and will be available online on Sept. 17.

It includes four products, which Nike said are designed to meet the changing needs of women's bodies before, during, and after pregnancy.

Nike (M) includes a bra that can be adjusted for breastfeeding or pumping, a scoop-neck tank top that makes it comfortable for women to nurse, a tight made with a foldable wide waist band that can be folded down or completely pulled up further along the pregnancy and a cover-up with a split opening in the front that can be worn in reverse to accommodate a growing belly or serve as a nursing cover.

To learn more, visit Nike's website.


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