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Olivia Culpo Talks About How She Gets in Shape.

Olivia Culpo talks about how she gets in shape for a photoshoot and shares the foods she eats before and after.

The 28-year-old model is currently Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's cover girl.

Olivia Culpo opens up to Us Weekly and talks about how she gets herself ready for a shoot and what she celebrates with when it’s all over.

Olivia Frances Culpo is an American fashion influencer and social media personality. After winning the Miss Rhode Island USA competition, she went on to be crowned Miss USA, and then Miss Universe in 2012.

"I am not really much of, like, a juicer or a diet [person]," she explained to Us Weekly. "For me, it’s all about protein and cutting out carbs. That’s what works for me."

Olivia Culpo sticks to meals that are high in fiber and low carb or no carb, if she’s really gotta do it, and loves eating all protein as well.

"That’s what I find to really, like, snatch me," she explained. "But I think other people have different tips. I think some people need to be vegans. Some people like to do the juicing or, like, smoothing."

Aside from her high-protein diet, Olivia does her best to mentally prepare prior to a photoshoot. "It’s all about angles. It’s all about using your body. Everybody has a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful body," she told Us. "The secret is just knowing where you feel the most comfortable and that will translate so much more than doing four days at the gym or being on an insane diet."

Once the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot was complete, she and the other two models who appear on the cover (Kate Bock and Jasmine Sanders) popped champagne to celebrate.

Olivia Culpo did say "I feel like that’s another thing, you cannot drink if you’re trying to prepare to get bikini ready -- That’s like an immediate bloat. So that’s always, like, my goto when I’m finished shooting — I want a glass of champagne."

To learn more about Olivia Culpo visit her Instagram page.


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