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Organic Cosmetics by Pretty N Pink.

The influence of organic makeup has had a huge effect on the beauty world and the demand for natural, clean beauty has skyrocketed. It's known that conventional beauty brands are packed with chemicals that can cause skin irritations, allergies and much more!

How we feel about our skin affects the way we navigate this world and carry ourselves.

Allow us to introduce the following beauty brand worth the splurge.

Pretty n Pink is an organic cosmetic company. Their beauty and skincare products are made with love. Most of their products are handmade, fresh and also FREE of preservatives. Using organic products are good for you. It contains ingredients that provide vitamins and minerals to your skin that will protect, feed it, and help restore its glow.

Pretty N Pink's mission is to provide women around the world the inner aesthetic they are scared to show the world. Disregarding what look or vibe you represent, at Pretty n Pink you will find the original you!

Pretty N Pink wants to provide their customers with luxury products for a great and affordable cost.

Check out the exciting variety of beauty products Pretty N Pink has to offer.

Pretty N Pink's lipgloss provides hydration, moisture, and lasting pigment. Their new formula is labeled to perfection! Infused with more organic oils to make your lips soft within 5 seconds, Literally! From chapped to relaxed within seconds of your first application.

The PINK Print 5ml Wand Tube.

KISS Me 5g Sample Lip Gloss

Snowball 2oz inspired lip scrub.

At Pretty N Pink you can also find 15mm-25mm 3D Silk lashes. They are the softest, most natural-feeling lashes you are ever going to see. Their lashes are made from PBT, they are cruelty-free and the perfect alternative to Mink, leaving your lashes with a semi-gloss fresh finish look. Get you a pair of PBT lashes for lasting impressions and perfection!

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