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Personal Training with Jennifer Tavernier.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

You may recognize her from her Instagram videos or from making history as one of the first champions of Team Ninja Warrior.

Are you ready to get in shape?

Jennifer Tavernier is a Personal Trainer and a Team Ninja Warrior Athlete. She has a background as a collegiate tennis player and general fitness enthusiast. She is also a mom of two young girls and works to inspire people of all ages to become strong and pursue their dreams. To learn more about Jennifer visit her "About Page"

Jennifer shares multiple videos on her TikTok account, she gives good workout tips and shares great exercise routines. Take a look at some of her TikTok videos.

Online personal training with Jennifer includes:

  • An initial video consult call

  • A completely customized program (depending on if you want to train at home or at a gym, what equipment you have access to, how much time you have, what your goals are)

  • Nutrition planning

  • Video instruction

  • Daily check-ins and feedback

Workout anytime with MinneNinja ! Cancel Anytime! Click HERE for more information.

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