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Petite Fashion and Outfit Ideas by Vane & Erika.

In the U.S, fashion and clothing for those who are under 5'4 in height is considered "petite size". It’s common to think of petite as “small and thin” but that’s just not true!

We all have different physical characteristics, and if you're looking for tips that will help you create a personal style that you will love, then you'll want to meet these two beautiful social media influencers who will inspire you with on-trend clothing made specifically for your height and shape.

Meet Vane Michellee and Erika Aguilera, they are petite style bloggers and fashion influencers who share different wardrobes that fit and flatter their figure.

They are approximately 5'2 in height, and their sense of style will inspire you to look good and feel good in petite stylish fashion clothing you'll want to wear.

Know that your body and your beauty is unique and perfect.

Love what you have and wear your petiteness with confidence!

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