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Please join us in welcoming our next guest!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Our next guest we found while browsing the internet. Her pictures, her makeup tutorials and videos on youtube captured our attention and with that being said it is our pleasure to introduce you to Anastasia Artemiou.

Anastasia is a licensed cosmetologist from North Carolina. Her love for makeup started at the age of 13 and by the age of 17, she enrolled in school to become a cosmetologist. Anastasia looks forward to expressing her self through makeup and hair and her youtube channel speaks for itself. She currently has a wide variety of videos on youtube where she shares makeup tutorials and also talks about skincare, beauty products, hair and more! You can learn more about Anastasia by visiting her youtube channel ---> ANASTASIA'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL <---

Please join us in welcoming Anastasia!

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