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Who Else is LOVING Post Malone? I Am!!!

Post Malone was beyond amazing during his Bud Light Seltzer performance. Not that we (or at least I), were not in love with his talent already, but this show was spectacular.

All of the musicians were out of this world. Some included Slash (lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses), Andrew Watt (guitarist and producer on Ozzy Osbourne’s Ordinary Man), Chris Chaney (bassist of alternative rock band Jane's Addiction), Chad Smith (drummer of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers), amongst other unbelievably talented humans.

Check out Post Malone's performance at the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions New Year’s Eve 2021.

Post Malone then blew us all away! Anything that came out of his mouth was Selt-Zer-Tastic!

If you do not already know who Post Malone is then you may be living under a rock…. Just kidding, we too have been living under a rock after 2020!

The 25-year-old musician is a very special talent. Although he often says he is a man “of few words”, we cannot help but hope that his music brings us endless words.

Bud Light or not, Post Malone’s Bud Light Seltzer performance was everything we needed to start the year.

If you have not watched this performance, feel free to watch it on youtube HERE.

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