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Professional Hair Braider, Natalia.

Switch up your signature look and try a braided style!

If you're looking for quality and the top best hair braiding services in Miami, FL, check out Natalia. She is without a doubt nothing short of PHENOMENAL! Natalia is a professional hair braider located in Miami, who specializes in unique design patterns and fishbone designs.

Natalia "Styles" Cruz is better known on Instagram as @Natalystyles1. Through her social media platform, she demonstrates exceptional creativity in different elaborately-braided hairstyles. Nataly's braiding skills are on the next level. (and then some!) The styling options are endless.

[Photo: NatalyStyles1]

There’s a braided hairstyle for everyone! And Nataly can style one that’s ideal for you.

Nataly creates extraordinary hair braids of all kinds and we are in LOVE with her talent! She offers different services with many hair designs to choose from such as; Straight Back Cornrows, Two Braids, Two Braids with Designs, Man Bun Braids, Man Bun Braids Fishbones, Simple Design Cornrows, Freestyle Cornrows, Pony Tail Feed-in Fishbone Design, just to mention a few.

Whether you're looking to rock straight backs, two- straight braids, or freestyle cornrows, Nataly will help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Check out Nataly's different braided hairstyles down below. The pictures below will have you mesmerized!

[Photo: @natalystyles1]

To make an appointment with Nataly, visit:

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