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Qiana Aviles - Founder and CEO to Four Successful Businesses in The Beauty Space.

Updated: Jan 11

Qiana Aviles was born and raised in Brooklyn and comes from a Puerto-Rican background.

She is the Queen of style and the founder and CEO to four successful businesses in the beauty space in New York City.

Qiana is a story of transformation. She came from a rough past and went from sharing a prison cell with her mother, to building a beauty empire.

[Photo: Qiana Aviles | Instagram]


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Qiana's life dream was to become an entrepreneur. She enrolled in the Baruch College for Finance. Her first business was a salon Nail Lounge located in Washington Heights.

The business Latina also runs a hair product business named Vida Essentials, her own nail polish line by the name of Q&A Lux Lacquer as well as a beauty med spa located directly beside Nail Lounge, which is called Face & Body NYC.

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Follow the rest of Qiana’s journey on her social media.

Qiana Aviles Instagram

Nail Lounge Instagram

Vida Hair Instagram

Q & A Lux Lacquer Instagram

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