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Rosalia & Travis Scott - New Music Video 'TKN'

Sung in both English and Spanish, “TKN” is a reggaeton-infused song with a vibrant cross-cultural exchange. “No new friends” Rosalia and Scott sing together in Spanish.

This is the second meeting between Rosalía and Travis Scott; they went toe-to-toe on their number one collaboration, “Highest in the Room” last year, and he returns the favor here.

After hitting up the studio together more than a year ago, Rosalia and Travis Scott dropped their highly awaited collaboration, “TKN,” on Thursday (May 28th, 2020). Watch their new video "TKN"

So who is Rosalía, the 25-year-old singing sensation? Rosalia is a Spanish singer and songwriter from Barcelona. She may be a newcomer on the American stage, but the Barcelona-born flamenco singer has been performing for more than a decade. Rosalía has been topping Spanish music charts for years.

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