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Rosali Delgado - Amigas Por Vida - Lashes.

Meet Rosali Delgado, she is a makeup artist with 15+ years in the beauty industry.

When it comes to makeup, whether it is a natural or full glam, Rosali knows that a makeup look is never complete without a beautiful pair of lashes.

In collaboration with Vida Cosmetics, Rosali has launched her first product, "Amiga por vida" lashes. The lashes were curated and handpicked by Rosali herself.

Rosali's lashes captures different parts of her artistic expression, from her soft and natural look, to the super glam side of her.

[Photo: Rosali Delgado | "Amiga por Vida" Lashes]

The names of her lashes represent some very important people that she holds very dear to her heart. "Love You" lashes are dedicated to her friendship with Gabe and the fun moments they've had and that they will continue to make.

"Amiga" lashes is dedicated to her ride or die, Corina, for her unconditional support and guidance since day one.

"Rosie" lashes are in memory of her dad who always called her Rosie.

[Photo by Vida Cosmetics]

[Photo by Vida Cosmetics]

Thanks to her passion and the power of makeup, Rosali has been able to express her creativity and talent throughout social media platforms.

You can catch Rosali doing LIVE videos on Facebook.

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