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Salice Rose Shares a Beautiful Message "DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF".

Famous web celebrity Salice Rose shared a post on Instagram to talk about her stress and depression.

The 28-year-old opened up on social media and mentioned that she had lost herself completely and depression took the best of her, for about a year. In her recent post, you can see Salice's picture, side by side, in a two-month difference, and it is noticeable that Salice was going through a rough time which led her to "stress eating". Salice admits that it took a lot of courage to post and share this on social media, but she is now in the process of rediscovering herself.

Her message to the world was to KEEP GOING! It's ok to fall but you must know when to get back up!

[Photo: Salice Rose | Instagram]

[Photo: Salice Rose | Instagram]

salicerose: "This is taking A LOT of courage for me to post this but fuck it. This is a 2 month difference….On the left I was INSANELY depressed that I was stressed, stress eating & just lost myself completely. Depression took the best of me for a good year but I slowly…pulled myself out of it because I was NOT about to let life defeat me. Im still in the process of rediscovering myself but there’s progress now mentally, physically & emotionally. I’m actually TRYING now….So the picture on the right is me today🥰❤️ (I also cut down on drinking 3 coffees a day haha) anyway….I don’t know who needs to hear this but KEEP GOING! It’s okay to fall but know when to get back up. YOU GOT THIS!"

Who is Salice Rose?

Salice Rose was born on November 20, 1994, and she is known for her creative videos and viral content on social media.

Salice is an American social media influencer from California but comes from a Peruvian background hence why she can fluently speak Spanish.

Salice is mostly known for her funny videos, which gained her millions of followers on social media.

Salice has an eye-catching beauty and audience-pleasing skill that marks her at the top of the media celebrities list.

Follow the rest of Salice's journey on her social media.




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