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'Savii Looks Cosmetics' [Enjoy 50% OFF]

At Savii Looks Cosmetics you will find everything from hair extension, lashes, makeup, and more!

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Savii Looks Cosmetics.

Learn more about Savannah aka Savii, founder and CEO of Savii Looks Cosmetics.

Makeup has always been Savannah's passion. She is a Queens girl that fell in love with makeup and the powerful message behind it. When she was younger, Savannah always knew she wanted to be her own boss (Entrepreneur), and knew it would be something artistic, creative, and brilliant.

Savannah went to a cosmetology high school where she was taught more about hair but not enough about skincare or makeup application, but that didn't stop Savannah from pursuing her dreams.

Savannah started to do freelance makeup and currently still is. Savannah started her own beauty brand Savii Looks Cosmetics which offers good affordable makeup.

Check out the website to see all Savii Looks Cosmetics and products.

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