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Sebastián Yatra Makes Acting Debut in Netflix Miniseries "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No".

Sebastián Yatra made his acting debut on the Netflix miniseries from Spain "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No".

The new Netflix series titled "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No" ("Once upon a time… but not anymore") is a six-episode comedy-fantasy film that starts its narrative in the Middle Ages in a town under a spell where Sebastián plays a poor fisherman named Diego who falls in love with a princess.

The film tells the story of a couple who are forced to break up but will meet again in another life to break up the spell that 'punishes' their town: where no one can fall in love.

This miniseries it's like an anti-fairy that will bring lots of laughs your way...

"Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No" miniseries was produced by Mexican director, Manolo Caro and it premiered on Friday, March 11.

Manolo Caro is known for films including Tales of an Immoral Couple and the Netflix series The House of Flowers and Someone Has To Die. He also directed the film Perfect Strangers.

Beside Sebastián Yatra, you will find an amazing cast in "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No" which includes Nia Correia, Mónica Maranillo, Rossy de Palma, Huichi Chiu, Mariana Treviño, Daniela Vega and Itziar Castro.

Who is Sebastián Yatra?

Sebastián Yatra is a Colombian singer, who performs “Dos oruguitas” in the animated film “Encanto”, which earned a nomination in the best song category at upcoming Oscars.

[Photo Sebastián Yatra - Instagram]

The singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra had to put in a lot of work for this film, as he had to change his Colombian accent to the Spanish one as well as undergo an exhaustive physical

training to tone his body to get it ready for the scenes in this Netflix series, in which his body is almost completely exposed.

Sebastián Yatra did share multiple photos of his nude body on Instagram, one while in a bathtub and another one while being shirtless...

In his most recent nude picture, Sebastián Yatra is only covering his tidbits with his hands while hanging out in the makeup and hair trailer.

His exhibitionism is partly due to his role in the Netflix series, where he plays a Spanish gigolo.

[Photo Sebastián Yatra - Instagram]

[Photo Sebastián Yatra - Instagram]

[Photo Sebastián Yatra - Instagram]

That's not all, in "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No" you will also see unicorns and dragons, plus musical numbers. Here is the Official Video for "Erase Una Vez Pero Ya No"

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