Self-taught Crochet Designer - Masandra Mustapha.

Masandra Mustapha, better known on Instagram as San [@ssoftworksanis] is an incredible and very talented self-taught crochet designer from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Being a crochet designer takes some serious skills.

Masandra has learned and become comfortable with patterns and enjoys creating new designs whether it's a two-piece set, dresses, or tops.

Meet Masandra Mustapha.

Throughout time, Masandra has learned many techniques and as she has recently mentioned on social media, she can't wait to work on new designs. We must admit that we're a big fan of her work and can't wait to see her new production.

Each style created by Masandra is beyond stunning.

We have instantly fallen in love with her work, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love each crochet clothing Masandra has designed as well.

Check out Masandra's impressive handmade crochet collection down below.

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