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Shop Em Ellison’s Collection.

Meet 'Em Ellison' (@em_ellison) and her super “pretty-yet-playful” apparel line.

Em Ellison is a beautiful Fitness Model, a stylist at Luxe Leisure, and a social influencer.

[Photo by em_ellison]

Not only is Em Ellison a beautiful person on the outside, but she is a beautiful person on the inside.

Believing and staying true to herself she emphasizes the importance of practicing self-love and developing a healthy mental and physical connection (We love you for that Em! We all need to practice this more!).

Em is a true Aquarian and former Floridian who believes that she belongs on the beach with messy hair, tanned skin, and a mojito watching the waves. Her love for the outside and warm weather is the inspiration behind her clothing line.

Her clothing line is inspired by her passion for spending time in the sun, which is why she customized her line for warm weather.

As if Em does not exudes positivity and love all around already, this is what she hopes for when you wear her clothing line;

“Em hopes her comfortable, stylish clothes instill a piece of her freedom and confidence in you whenever you put them on. Move around, get done up in this pretty-yet-playful line, and feel great about yourself”.

[Photo Em Ellison - Double Icon]

[Photo Em Ellison - Double Icon]

[Photo Em Ellison - Double Icon]

Learn more about the beautiful human Em Ellison is and her clothing line;

Instagram Clothing Line

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